Expanded program on fourth stage

19.02.2014 18:17

In 2014 we will expand the Camel Stage program to 34 bands, seven of them being part of the RIOT OF THE UNDERGROUND. The stage will be organized in a way that each band will no more play several short sets, but at least 30 minutes. We will be booking bands who have already made a name for themselves, as well as ones who have been making noise in the underground.

It's not relevant if a band has already released two, three records on a label or has only got a demo. The musical spectrum will be wide, ranging from punk'n'roll, heavy metal and death metal all the way to doom or even grindcore, so there is something for everyone.

In return, the New Blood Award will no longer exist, as unsigned bands will now get a regular slot at SUMMER BREEZE due to the Camel Stage's expanded program. The action will start on Wednesday with eight bands playing the Riot Of The Underground.

What this means for SUMMER BREEZE 2014 is you will get the chance to see over 110 bands on four stages!

Winners of the New Blood Award 2013 are Stormborn!

14.08.2013 19:34

And the winners of the New Blood Award 2013 are Stormborn. Congratulations! They will kick off the open air portion of the festival tomorrow on the Pain Stage.

NEW BLOOD AWARD 2013 – Voting has begun!

21.06.2013 07:46

After receiving over 3.000 promo packages from all over the world – sincere thanks to all participating bands – and endless hours pre-selecting, we finally have the TOP 20 bands for the NEW BLOOD AWARD 2013. 

As of now you can find the 20 bands that made it into the online voting on http://www.new-blood-award.de. From this point on, it is you who decide which five lucky groups we will see in August in beautiful Dinkelsbühl!

These are the rules for the voting process:
- each one of the 20 bands must be rated
- the bands will be rated on a scale from 1 (crap) to 5 (top)
- only registered Community members may vote on www.summer-breeze.de 
- voting ends on: 30th of June
- between all valid votes we will give away 5 pairs of 3-day tickets for SUMMER BREEZE Open Air 2013

The 5 most voted bands will open the festival proceedings on the tent stage on Wednesday, August 14th, 2013, competing for the NEW BLOOD AWARD, which will be presented for the forth year running. In addition, just like the last few years, the winning band will get the chance to kick off the open air portion of the festival on one of the main stages on Thursday, August 15th, 2013. 

So get voting now! The underground is more alive than ever! And if your band didn't make it this year, don't worry, there will be a NEW BLOOD AWARD 2014 for sure!

NEW BLOOD AWARD 2013: Century Media and EMP on board

05.03.2013 09:45

You are already familiar with the NEW BLOOD AWARD? Of course! You also know that, if you win, you get to open one of the most renowned metal festivals in Europe, SUMMER BREEZE? Definitely!

But that's not enough! That itchy 7th year has got something very special in store for you, which will make the NEW BLOOD AWARD an absolute must for all young, up-and-coming bands.

In cooperation with CENTURY MEDIA RECORDSEMP, METAL.DE and SUMMER BREEZE you will get a once-in-a-lifetime chance to earn a record deal with CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS. But that's not all of it! EMP will put a merch deal for you and your band on top.

Yet that's still not enough, because the amazing DARK TRANQUILLITY will be part of the 2013 jury and, in case you win, accompany you further on.

Here it is again, so it sinks in. Your band:

...will open the SUMMER BREEZE Festival 2013!
...will get a record deal with CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS!
...will get a merchandise deal incl. 100 shirts with EMP!
...will get a spot for their album/merch in the EMP shop/catalogue!
...will get extensive coverage on METAL.DE
...will get professional guidance and support by all NEW BLOOD AWARD partners!

Any questions? We hope so! You want to know where to address your applications? Then go visit one of our websites to get all the information about terms and conditions. Don't forget, the application deadline is March 31st, 2013! 

You can find all info about the band contest here:


11.01.2013 13:40

The well-established NEW BLOOD AWARD can look back on six sucessful years and is going into that damned seventh year in 2012. The winners from previous years already show what kinds of different talents there are in the scene, to which SUMMER BREEZE offers a promotional platform. This mix is what defines a contest which gives you the chance to perform alongside the big names of the scene, side by side. Limited to German-speaking countries in its first few years, the NEW BLOOD AWARD now is and will stay open to international bands, so we're looking forward to hearing contenders from near and far. The success of last year's edition confirmed the fact that opening the contest to bands from other countries would catapult the contest to the top. As of now, we welcome applications from all over the world, ringing in the seventh round.

The NEW BLOOD AWARD is one of the most important contests for young, up-and-coming bands in the metal genre, organized and decided in close collaboration with METAL.DE. In 2013 it will even be upgraded as, for the first time, the winners of the NEW BLOOD AWARD will get a one-album recording deal with the prestigious Century Media Records! 
Our long-time partners from EMP will support the award in the media, and they will also provide a very special treat for the winners. It's a surprise!

The winners from previous years – STITCH, FUCK YOUR SHADOW FROM BEHIND, SECOND RELATION, BLEEDING RED, STEVE FROM ENGLAND and the excentric OBSCURE SPHINX – have proven that the music of tomorrow breeds in the underground and that it's time to provide international bands with a promotional platform through the NEW BLOOD AWARD. 
This high level is also confirmed by the numerous label signings among the runners-up such as LEVIATHAN, DAVIDIAN, DREAMSHADE, KADAVRIK and BLOODWORK, to name but a few.

As tradition dictates, the winners will open the SUMMER BREEZE festival on Thursday on one of the open-air stages, getting the chance to present their material to an expert audience at one of Germany's biggest metal festivals. Don't miss this chance to present your music to the SUMMER BREEZE crowd!

The winning band will also be handed the specially-made NEW BLOOD AWARD trophy on one of the open-air stages. 

About the rules: 
It is a prerquisite that your band is unsigned and doesn't currently have a prospective recording deal. Send your demos and self-produced CDs to the following address no later than March 31st, 2013:

New Blood Award 
Postfach 500848 
70338 Stuttgart 

Thanks in advance for your submissions!

The Summer Breeze and metal.de teams